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2023-12-08 03:41:08

This day the closures of Enríquez Street in the central area of ​​Xalapa carried out by teachers who are members of the State Group of Retirees and Pensioners of the ISSSTE of the State of Veracruz, who requested that the life insurance company that provided care to the federalized retired teachers; They are already taken care of.

In addition, they apologized once again, as they have done previously, for paralyzing traffic in the city center on Thursdays, which was with the objective of having their request met.

In the central area of ​​the city, Hilda Sánchez Camacho, a member of the AJUPIV, commented that like every Thursday they were at the sit-in in which they requested that the life insurance for federalized retired teachers be reactivated, “and now, on Monday “He informed us that the process for reactivating the policy was already underway and that starting on the 15th of this month the debt payments would be distributed,” he said.

He also said that the new secretary of education responded to his request in addition to providing a solution, “and that is the information we have that is why we are here warning that we will no longer be blocking on Thursdays,” he indicated.

Meanwhile, he sent a message of apology: “We apologize again as we have done every Thursday for the disruption we have caused to the roads, to the merchants in the first square of the city. But what we did was a necessity so that they would see us.” “.

He also pointed out that among the members there is confidence that what was agreed will be fulfilled, however, if this does not happen, he does not rule out their return to the protests again.

“We trust that the given word will be kept, because for us the word has value. We hope it will be fulfilled. In case there was something that was not working, I think we would demonstrate again,” he said.

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The Governor of Veracruz Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, when questioned about this issue during the conference at the Government Palace, gave his opinion.

“It is not that the insurance is reactivated, it is an effort that we are doing so that they are given coverage for the pending cases that exist on this issue,” he commented.

He also expressed a next topic in which he says they have already started paying the institutional insurance, “a debt left by the Government of Javier “N”, which was when they stopped paying him since 2013,” he indicated.

And he added: “There were deaths or claims on the institutional insurance and they did not pay, we were looking for a way to do it so that the legal route for claiming that stolen money would not be hindered,” he said.

He also commented that they are not going to cover with new money, “a robbery, we have to take care of that, but rather look for a financial route to start paying those arrears.”

He highlighted that they are two different issues: “They are different cases, one is a robbery, the teachers know it, that they stole the institutional insurance and left unpaid debts to people who claimed the insurance, and the other that is also safe, is insurance, but that has to do with the federated system and was contracted with the ISSSTE due to the payroll discounts applied to retired teachers.

And he remarked: “I had explained that, that the problem that arose was that the coverage that was available for 2021 was exceeded by the incidents that were deaths due to Covid, so an arrangement had to be made, between whoever hires the insurance and the insurance company so that it could be covered and we took it.”

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