Elton John’s EMOTIONAL show at Glastoburry, the last one in the UK?

Elton John’s EMOTIONAL show at Glastoburry, the last one in the UK?

2023-06-26 14:52:45

Elton John shone before a crowd at Britain’s historic Glastonbury festival last night. According to local media, this recital was possibly his last concert in the United Kingdom. A tour of his extensive career and that had the presence of invited figures.

Guns N’ Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Lizzo, Blondie, The Pretenders and Rick Astley were some of the figures that passed through the impressive setting over the weekend.

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“I never thought I would get to play Glastonbury. And here I am,” said Elton John, wearing a shiny gold jacket and pink-rimmed glasses. “This is a very special and emotional night for me because it may be my last show in England and the UK,” he added to the crowd of fans who enjoyed his concert.

Brandon Flowers, leader of The Killers, was one of the guests who joined to interpret “Tiny Dancer”. John, 76, told his fans: “I want to thank everyone for dressing up in their costumes. I also want to thank you for the 52 years of incredible love and loyalty you have shown me. It was an incredible trip, and I had the best of it.”

“I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”, “Your song”, “Candle in theWind” also played on the emotional night. “Don’t go breaking my heart” she sang in a duet with Rina Sawayama, while “Crocodile Rock” was the most popular song of the night.

There was also time for an emotional tribute to George Michael with “Don’t let the sun go down” and a closing with “Rocket Man”. The final show of “On Farewell Yellow Brick Road” will be in Sweden, on July 8th.

Despite his extensive farewell tour, Elton John does not plan to leave the stage

Weeks ago, we told you in La Viola that the musician confirmed in an interview that he will not stop acting forever. When he finishes the tour, the artist has in mind to continue with a special concert from time to time. According to him published Metro, The 76-year-old singer-songwriter confirmed he will “not be touring again” once “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” comes to an end this July. Elton hinted that he’s not quite ready to leave the stage.

As published by the outlet, the musician made clear the emotional impact that the tour has on his personal life and stated that he is ready for a “little bit of freedom” after finishing his last performance in Stockholm, on July 8.

“Being on tour is exhausting and takes me away from my family and my children,” he said, referring to his partner David Furnish and their two sons, Zachary, 12, and Elijah, 10. Elton said this doesn’t mean he’s giving up. the live performances forever, promising fans that “there will still be a weird show.”

One of these concerts is already scheduled for later this year, when the composer will perform at the 2023 Emmys promo night in Los Angeles, promoting the show “Elton John Live: Farewell From Dodger Stadium”.

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