The mine in Soyüdlu should not have been so close to the settlement

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2023-06-22 07:28:42

In Gadabey, in order to investigate the problem on the spot regarding the gold mine (yellow circle) and the mine’s cyanide waste storage (red circle) around the city of Gadabey and Soyudlu village (blue circle), our employee made a preliminary inspection of the area and studied the opinion of the population.

The situation is already dire and greater dangers lie ahead.

First of all, this mine and reservoir should not be located so close to the settlement. The mine is officially adjacent to the city of Gadabay. The Sionid reservoir is 1-2 km in the center of Soyudlu village and 300-400 meters from the nearest houses. The dam of the main reservoir is not concrete but pressed stone dam and its durability is in doubt. If an avalanche or destruction occurs in the dam, the magnitude of the tragedy is unimaginable. First of all, this platform will degrade. There is no option to drain the lake and change the menbra. I don’t know about the option and effectiveness of adding a weir without draining the lake. There is already a leak from the main reservoir and an additional small reservoir has been built underneath. That warehouse is right by the river. One of the branches of Shamkirchay. And there is a direct pipe from this small reservoir to the river. What else is this pipe for, if not to drain the water into the river? And there are several additional hoses, the purpose of which is also unclear. The first thing that comes to a person’s mind is that the lake is full and they discharge the toxic water into the river from time to time without making a fuss.

Anyway, someone has to answer these questions.

Not only water vapor, but also a part of cyanide is mixed into the air during evaporation from the lake in a natural way and as a technical method used in the processing of its waste. The village is so close to the reservoir and these facilities that people directly feel the toxic pollution in the air and attribute the increased cancer and respiratory diseases in many residents to it.

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There is a way to reduce evaporation from storage. Covering the water surface with a floating cover, platforms or spheres. This can also minimize the number of birds falling into the lake.

“Where were you at that time?” to those who say There was no ecofront at that time. We were also students or schoolchildren. So far, we have touched on this problem many times. When the “ecological” organizations of the country showed an eco show in Karabakh, we rightly said that those who do not object to the ecological impact of the gold mine in Gadabay have no moral right to talk about the ecological impact of the gold mine in Karabakh. At that time, they almost made a traitor to the country that why Ecofront does not go to Karabakh.

Let’s go back to Gadaba. The main reservoir will reach its maximum capacity by the end of 2023, it was also mentioned on the website of Anglo Asian Mining. And the construction of additional warehouses has been delayed due to the “permit” talk. Building additional storage will only delay and exacerbate the problem. The villagers are now protesting because they are aware of this. I don’t know why they didn’t do it then. Let the historians investigate. 10 years later, someone will come out and say why they didn’t do it then. It is possible to find a name for this phenomenon. “Retrospective whataboutism” can be said. Whoever wants to translate it.

The government and the company should inform the public about the future plans of the mine.

We will continue to investigate the issue and keep the topic under review.

Javid Black | ecofront

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