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To improve air quality in cities, the EU Commission wants to further reduce emissions of pollutants from cars and light commercial vehicles. However, the plans have met with criticism from the industry.

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The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) warns of restrictions for car buyers in view of a planned tightening of EU emission standards. A regulation “without a sense of proportion” would mean, for example, that certain models could no longer be offered, said a VDA spokesman for the German Press Agency. The EU Commission is expected to present proposals for the new Euro 7 emissions standard on Wednesday. The specifications are intended to ensure that vehicles emit fewer pollutants such as particulate matter.

The VDA describes the Euro standards as an effective instrument for better air quality in cities. However, the association emphasizes that the forthcoming update should also be more clearly geared towards new technological developments.

According to a draft that has recently become known, cars and especially trucks could become noticeably more expensive as a result of the planned new emissions standard. According to calculations by the EU Commission, regulation-related costs for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are estimated at 304 euros each, according to a document available to the German Press Agency. For trucks and buses, an amount of 2681 euros is even mentioned for the preferred regulation option. However, the calculations show that there are significant health and environmental benefits, estimated at tens of billions over 25 years. (dpa)

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