EU foreign ministers hold unprecedented informal meeting in kyiv

EU foreign ministers hold unprecedented informal meeting in kyiv

2023-10-02 10:05:53

The foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) meet this Monday in kyiv, in an unpublished quote for taking place in a non-EU country and at war, which had not been announced until the moment of its beginning for security reasons.

“I summon the EU Foreign Ministers in Kiev today, to the first meeting of the 27 Member States ever held outside the EU,” the high representative for EU foreign policy, Josep, wrote on the social network Borrell.

As a European ambassador explained to EFE, holding this event in kyiv is a show of support for Ukraine and the reform process it is undertaking to enter the EU.

“Ukraine’s future lies in the EU”Borrell added on the social network

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The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmitro Kuleba, also spoke about the symbolism of holding the informal meeting in kyiv upon entering the event. “Is a historic act because for the first time the Foreign Affairs Council is going to take place outside the current borders of the EU but within its future borders,” he stated.

For Kuleba, the decision to bring together the foreign ministers of the 27 in kyiv is a clear message of the bloc’s commitment to the enlargement and entry of Ukraine.

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