EURO BANKNOTES SCAM | The Bank of Spain warns: be careful if you see this sign on your banknotes

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2023-05-28 15:15:00

In economically troubled times, the picaresque it becomes habitual. A scam that has returned with force is that of tinted banknotes. although every time it is less common to carry money with you Because card and contactless payments are more practical, you have to be careful if you come across a stained bill. Because it is not that I have been close to a pen and the blur is the result of a everyday accidentbut the most likely thing is that it has been stolen and now they are trying to place it in the legal tender.

He paper on which the banknotes are printed is very resistant, but it is easily impregnated with any substance. Therefore, one of the anti-theft systems most common is soak them with ink and so make them useless if stolen. Specifically, when a thief tries to break into an ATM or an armored transport safe, the machine releases ink onto the money. In addition to being a deterrence protocolmakes inutilizables and allows a later ID.

Ink that renders banknotes useless

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The ink that covers them comes from IBNS anti-theft devices (intelligent banknote neutralization systems) and is usually of bright colors and especially violet, green, blue, red or black. The ink usually spills from the edges towards the center of the paper, leaving a very characteristic trace: almost all the money is stained. Therefore, the chemical products with which criminals wash banknotes to try to remove the ink can alter its original color and some Security elements they can be damaged or even disappear.

He Bank of Spain has explained how to act in case you receive a tinted bill:

  • Do not accept it and ask for anothersince it is not possible to know if the person who is offering the ticket is its legitimate owner.

  • Refuse faded banknotessince they could have been washed to remove stains.

  • Deliver the stained banknote to the bank reporting how you received it.

  • If the investigation carried out shows that the stains come from a anti-theft deviceIt is possible that not be entitled to your refund. National central banks can exchange stained euro banknotes for these devices only if requested by the owner who has been a victim of the illegal activity causing the stains.

  • If investigation shows that the stains are not from an anti-theft device and are the result of a random act, they will be exchanged for a new ticket or its value will be paid.

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