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It is not an easy time for Kevin Durant. Stopped for a month and a half for one injury thigh (will be reevaluated next week), the Brooklyn Nets star is in trouble again for a social quarrel with actor Michael Rapaport, including insults (including homophobes) and verbal and physical threats.

Rapaport, 51, a New York stand-up comedian known for starring with Eddie Murphy in A handyman cop and for a part in the sitcom Friends, on Tuesday evening he decided to share on his Twitter profile, with over 600 thousand followers, one private conversation with Durant last December 23rd. The actor, also author of podcasts on sport, criticizes Kd for the interview after the inaugural match of the season against Golden State: «He seems deeply impressed by those of TNT. Damn, he’s super sensitive to everything. Just don’t talk. ‘ He replies insulting him in various ways, as also said with homophobic terms, including his wife: “She doesn’t respect you either.” It’s still: «Clown, nobody listens to you. Trump (often the object of Rapaport’s criticisms, ed) does not answer you, so you try to use other people to get attention ». Then move on to physical threats: “See you tomorrow, what’s your home address?”.

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«I receive disgusting messages every day, but not even in my craziest dreams would I have thought that among them there could also be Kevin Durant – accuses Rapaport -. The snake himself now threatens me, pulls my wife in and wants to fight. This is supposed to be America’s sweetheart, right? ‘ Kd, always receptive to social media, tried to tone down the tone with a lukewarm apology: “Mike and I have been talking even worse than that for years, regularly, but today he’s pissed off… My fault Mike, damn it! ‘ In some comments on Instagram he added: «Wow, now are you pretending it’s all new? We’ve been talking like that for years, but today you take it seriously. My mistake, I apologize. ” The actor’s response was not very conciliatory: “No, we don’t, f..a. Never try to threaten me or talk about my wife again “.

Rapaport talked about Durant even in these hours, publishing videos that portray them together in San Francisco, at the time of the Warriors. The two, in short, know each other quite well: “A long time ago we were friends, but your insecurities have ruined everything,” the comedian’s last dig. The NBA could now intervene to fine the player for homophobic insults aimed at Rapaport.

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