Farewell to Arturo Cucciolla Architect in love with Bari

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noon, 19 August 2021 – 09:43

University professor, active in civil society, he linked his name to the main projects of the city, from Enziteto to Asclepios to piazza del Ferrarese. He was 73 years old

Arturo Cucciolla

Arturo Cucciolla, an architect from Bari, university professor, activist in that civil society in whose potential, sometimes unexpressed, the architect believed a lot died in the night at the age of 73. A cruel disease took him away in a few months.
Arturo Cucciolla graduated in architecture in Rome in 1972. He immediately began his university career covering the chair of History of Contemporary Architecture and design laboratory in the 1 Faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic of Bari.
He was a person of strong personality – we read on his profile on the website of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage – characterized by his constant commitment in the political world, mainly exercising his profession in the creation of works at the service of the community.
The great debates on territorial planning, urban redevelopment and recovery, restoration and reuse of abandoned areas have seen him as a protagonist.
Among the works to remember the urban redevelopment and recovery of the historic center of Bari; the public housing plan of Bari-Enziteto; the redevelopment and enhancement of the Piazza del Ferrarese and the Muraglia in Bari Vecchia, the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in Monopoli, the Piazza Carabellese in Bari; the restoration and reuse of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures of the University of Bari; the project of the multifunctional didactic-administrative center of the Bari Polyclinic Faculty of Medicine, of the New CGIL Regional headquarters in the Stanic district of Bari, of the New surgical complex and of the Asclepios emergency in the Bari Polyclinic.
With the death of Arturo Cucciolla, Bari loses another significant exponent of the history of the Bari left over the last forty years – comments the mayor of Bari and president of Anci, Antonio Decaro – professional, professor of History of contemporary architecture and design laboratory, Arturo Cucciolla was, above all, a committed and passionate citizen. Always animated by great civic fervor.

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19 August 2021 | 09:43

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