Federal police seized a record number of refugees

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BerlinThe Federal Police recorded record numbers of migrants entering Germany without permission. Most of them had come to Poland via the Belarusian border and then traveled on. “Surveys showed that Belarus supports illegal entry,” said Jens Schobranski, spokesman for the Berlin Federal Police Directorate, the Berliner Zeitung.

On Thursday alone, the Angermünde, Frankfurt (Oder) and Forst inspections responsible for the Brandenburg border section had a total of 121 apprehensions related to Belarus, he said. By the summer, the federal police had found isolated illegal entries. In August there were already 225 in this connection. “In September there was a significant increase in entries with Belarus to over 1,300,” said Schobranski. “The numbers are increasing from week to week. From October 1st to 7th alone, 650 unauthorized entries via Belarus were found on the German-Polish border. “

The vast majority of illegal immigrants come from Iraq. Some Syrians are also there. “When they are picked up, most of them declare that they wanted to go to Germany,” said Schobranski. There is no possibility of direct rejection because it is an internal border and they usually apply for protection.

The situation has not been so tense for a long time, said the spokesman. His authority reinforced the patrols with their mobile control and monitoring unit. Riot police officers, including from Blumberg, are also on the way to the border.

Proceedings for illegal entry are usually dropped

Those apprehended are brought to the Central Immigration Office in Eisenhüttenstadt. The federal police have set up a processing line there, where the newcomers are registered, questioned and identified. They also get a complaint about unauthorized entry. The proceedings are usually closed.

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The situation is also tense in the Saxon part of the German-Polish border. According to the Saxon Federal Police, 750 people were apprehended in August and September, much more than in the previous months.

Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) appealed to the European Commission and the Foreign Ministers to take action this week. “In Eisenhüttenstadt we can only cure the symptoms, the cause is in Minsk,” he said. Poland, Lithuania and Latvia as neighbors of Belarus accuse the ruler there, Alexander Lukashenko, of bringing refugees from crisis regions to the EU’s external border in an organized manner and thus destabilizing the community of states.


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