Fernando Villavicencio had denounced threats against his life

Fernando Villavicencio had denounced threats against his life

2023-08-10 06:54:41

The Ecuadorian presidential candidate shot to death in Quito attributed these warnings to a drug group allegedly related to the Sinaloa cartel.

Fernando Villavicencio, shot to death this Wednesday in Quito, had recently and repeatedly denounced the receipt of threats against his life. The candidate for the presidency of Ecuador pointed at all times against the leader of a local drug group that would have relations with the Sinaloa cartel.

“A police report reveals a very serious threat of one of the bosses of the Sinaloa CartelI refer to alias ‘Fito’, against me and against my campaign team, with a warning that if I keep referring to him and his structure, they will attack me or make an attempt on my life”, warned Villavicencio, in an apparent reference to Adolfo Macías, leader of the gang called Los Choneros, one of the most powerful in Ecuador.

In a press conference, he had indicated that the threat confirmed that his campaign proposals with a view to the August 20 elections “seriously affected these criminal structures.” “And here I am, showing my face. I’m not afraid of thembecause it is the political mafia financed by the drug traffickers”, he warned.

And he continued: “Twenty years I have gambled in this country against these criminal structures, and I reiterate: I am not afraid of them. And I ratify my proposal to create a special prison with very high security”.

“It will be one of the first works that I will promote as soon as I take command to transfer Fito and other drug lords, hit men and other criminals to this maximum security prison,” he anticipated days before receiving three shots to the headas reported by the local press, after leaving a party meeting in the Ecuadorian capital.

In another video, meanwhile, he can be seen challenging those who threatened him, with a phrase that, in light of the facts, shudders: “Let them just come, the only thing they can do is kill me and I’m not afraid of deathbecause I have already won over it and I give myself entirely to my people”.

Fernando Villavicencio, to his followers: “You are my bulletproof vest”

The candidate opposing correísmo explained, in a video of a speech addressed to his followers that he published on his networks, why he was not wearing a bulletproof vest, despite the recommendations received.

“They have told me to wear the vest. Here I am, sweaty shirt, damn it. You are my bulletproof vest. I don’t need (vest). You are a brave people and I am brave like you. You are the ones who take care of me. Come here I am. They said they’re going to break me. Here is Don ‘Villa’”, he stated.

And he exclaimed: “Let the drug lords come, let the hitmen and vaccinators come. The time for the threat is over. Here I am. What are they going to break me? They may bend me, but they’ll never break me”.


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