Figc today to vote among the sparks: Gravina chases the confirmation, the challenge Sibilia – Sport

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In a setting light years away from what, not even two and a half years ago, led Gabriele Gravina to be elected almost unanimously at the helm of the FIGC, the most important federation of Italian sport meets today (starting at 10.30) in the assembly, in Rome and in attendance, for the election of the president. The outgoing No. 1 has re-nominated to continue the reform work undertaken and which, together with the active management of the shock caused by the pandemic, has so far given him broad consensus among the big voters. He will face the vicar vice president, and leader of the National Amateur League, Cosimo Sibilia, strong in the numbers of his movement, which has the greatest “specific weight” at the polls, but with little support among the other leagues and components. The two contenders arrive at the showdown in stark contrast, the culmination of a relationship that has deteriorated over time. An agreement between the two in 2018 had brought the federation out of the commissioner caused by the failure to elect a president for the post-Tavecchio and Sibilia denounces the failure to comply with a pact that provided for a relay race between the two for 2021. This is the parterre of voters: among the leagues, Serie A is worth 12%, Serie B 5%, Lega Pro 17%, amateurs 34%. As for the components, the Aic accounts for 20%, the Aiac 10% and The Hague 2%. Gravina’s candidacy is supported by three out of four leagues and by players and coaches, therefore by most of the 276 delegates, leaving little doubt about the outcome of the vote. Sibilia aims to broaden its base as much as possible, albeit a minority one, relying on the weight of the Amateurs in the Federal Council.

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