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2023-06-01 20:00:40

If we are looking to solve the first meal of the day in a simple way but with a satisfying and very healthy dish, going to the traditional oatmeal porridge is an excellent option. that’s why we left five recipes for oatmeal porridges or other cereals, perfect for breakfast.

porridge or gachas

The so-called oat porridge or oat porridge are nothing more than a kind of porridge that is achieved by combining oatmeal or another cereal with a liquid that hydrates and softens the chosen grain.

Subsequently, this porridge can be customized to the taste of each consumer adding seeds, nuts, fresh fruits and spices such as vanilla, cinnamon or others.

It is a full breakfast rich in carbohydrates and source of protein, especially if we use milk to infuse the cereal.

The best porridges for breakfast

If you want to prepare a porridge or some oatmeal porridge or another cereal for breakfast, we leave you five recipes perfect for breaking the fast every morning:

These are five oatmeal or other cereal porridges that we can easily prepare at home to enjoy a complete, satisfying and very healthy breakfast.

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