Forecasters warned Moscow residents about a cyclone with rain and wind

“Tomorrow in the afternoon, the capital region and the central part of European Russia in general will be under the influence of this cyclone, and it will be located in its warm sector. And the temperature background will correspond not only to March values, the average air temperature will correspond to the first days of April, ”Mikhail Leus, a leading specialist at the Phobos Center, told RBC.

According to his forecast, the temperature on the night of February 16 in Moscow will be minus 1-3 degrees, in the region – from zero to minus 5 degrees.

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“But in the afternoon the temperature will rise to plus 2-4 in Moscow and zero – plus 5 degrees in the region. At the same time, the weather will be windy, cloudy, and precipitation will occur mainly in the form of rain. At times, they will even be of a spring shower character. But one should not expect any large amount of precipitation, ”the forecaster said.

The cyclone, as always happens, will bring fairly rare and strong fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, he continued.

“On the night of Thursday to Friday, when there will be the lowest atmospheric pressure, barometers will show 20-22 mm lower – 724-725 mm Hg. Art. Then the pressure will start to rise. The influence of this cyclone will stop on Saturday night, but on Saturday afternoon we will feel the influence of the next one, ”concluded Leus.

On February 17, the weather will be determined by a cyclone that will come from the North Atlantic, said Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Moscow Meteorological Bureau, in a conversation with RBC.

According to her, on February 18 in Moscow, the temperature at night will be from 0 to plus 2 degrees, during the day – from plus 1 to plus 3. “Since the weather will be quite windy, we will not feel the feeling of spring warmth. This weather will continue in the capital region for the next three days,” she said.

In addition, the forecaster warned that the cyclone will cause a drop in atmospheric pressure. “The lowest pressure will be on the 18th, it will be almost 20 units below the climatic norm,” Pozdnyakova said.


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