Former Police Officer About Vj Chitra Case

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Former Police Officer About Vj Chitra Case

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The shocking news that Wije Chitra is not getting married is currently going viral on social media. No one can forget Pandian Stores celebrity Chitra. In the last days of her life, Chitra was celebrated by the fans as Mulla. His death is still unbelievable and unacceptable today. That’s something that has impressed fans and celebrities alike. Born into an ordinary family, Ninga has become so popular among the people due to his hard work and Vida’s efforts.


He was a viewer of a show on Vijay TV and starred in a popular serial on the same channel and made a name for himself among the people. The mysterious death of Chitra, who was at the height of her fame, was a tragedy for many. Chitra was staying with her husband Hemanath at a hotel located on the Bangalore Bypass Road near Poonamallee for serial shooting. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chitra’s death:

Hemnath was arrested by the police after Chitra’s parents complained that her husband Hemnath was the main reason for her suicide. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. One year has passed since Chitra died. But what was the cause of his sudden death? Suicide? Murder? Who is responsible for that? Did Chitra get justice? The answer to that is still unknown. Politicians are to blame for Chitra’s death in such a situation. My life is in danger.

Interview with Hemanath:

Hemanath had recently given an interview that I need police protection. Following his statement, there was a lot of controversy on social media. Following this, Chitra’s mother was interviewed in this regard. In it, he said that the son of a politician was the cause of Chitra’s death. Hemnath is doing this kind of thing unnecessarily just to escape now. To say that politicians are to blame is to divert the case.


Interview with Chitra Amma:

We are still reeling from Chitra’s death. My daughter has been completely beaten and tortured to death. Hemnath was blamed for this. New shocking news has come out that Chitra is not married in this situation and Hemnath is lying. Varadarajan, a retired police officer, was interviewed on a private television channel in connection with the Chitra case. In it he says,

Vj Chitra Suicide Issue Her Husband Hemnath ArrestedVj Chitra Suicide Issue Her Husband Hemnath Arrested

Interview given by Police Officer Varadarajan:

Hemnath had allegedly registered the marriage at a hotel in Choolaimedu. But, there is no such hotel in Choolaimedu. Chitra’s parents had lodged a complaint with the police five months ago. But, the police along with Hemnath are hiding the information. Chitra has said that many more details about his death are yet to come out. This has caused a great deal of controversy on social media.


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