full and mutual trust or I take off

Time.news – Giuseppe Conte ‘calls’ Beppe Grillo, but does not back down: full and mutual trust or I take off, the message arrived from the former Prime Minister.

Conte, after days of tension with the Guarantor M5s, and a possible point of equilibrium that could have been reached, he is not afraid to keep the point in his talks in the Senate: he accepted the challenge of M5s 2.0 delivered directly to him by the co-founder M5s provided, it is explained, that he has his hands free on the project of ‘refoundation’. An ok that arrived months ago, in the meeting in Rome with the big 5 stars, and of which everyone is waiting for the fruits.

Above all the parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate that Grillo will meet personally. No one is yet aware of a meeting between Grillo and Conte, but the two would have already talked to unravel the problem.

The knot of the Guarantor

A knot above all: the role of the Guarantor. In the new Statute of ‘M5s 2.0’ Conte would like to eliminate the article (number 8) in which it is foreseen the possibility that Grillo can, in essence, do good and bad weather, undermining the role of the leader in pectore who, collectively , takes decisions which must then be pursued.
A provision written in the ‘old guidelines’ directly, there are those who report, from Beppe Grillo’s lawyer, Andrea Ciannavei, in a totally different context, and that Conte absolutely does not believe he can accept, because, it is explained, it would be the political credibility of the entire renovation operation was undermined.

The Guarantor reads among other things in the text that would be the subject of the dispute “is the custodian of the fundamental values ​​of the political action of the Association. In this spirit, it exercises the prerogatives recognized by the Articles of Association with impartiality, independence and authority. In this capacity, in addition to the powers provided for in this Statute, the Guarantor is given the power of authentic, non-questionable interpretation of the provisions of this Statute “.

Election from the Net

“The Guarantor is elected through online consultation, within a shortlist of candidates of no less than 3, which the Guarantee Committee proposes having regard to figures who have distinguished themselves for their decisive contribution to the history and political action of the Movement 5 Stars and therefore for their representativeness and moral stature. The Guarantor – is still expected – remains in office for an indefinite period and can be revoked, at any time, on a proposal approved by the Guarantee Committee with an absolute majority of its members and ratified by an online consultation of members, provided that the absolute majority of members take part in the vote “.

“Me and Beppe Grillo have never interrupted our relations, but I want there to be full trust in each other, otherwise I will take off”, is, in fact, what Giuseppe Conte would have said in the Senate. “I want Grillo to be convinced”, the expression used by the former premier.



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