G.Skill announces new DDR5 modules up to 8200 MHz in white

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2023-06-28 16:30:00

G.Skill has announced a new batch of series RAM modules Trident Z5 RGB which this time arrive in white. They include the usual white aluminum lens with an RGB LED area at the top, fully customizable. They are about 42mm tall. They include various memory profiles, focusing on XMP 3.0 for Intel processors.

They will be sold in kits of two modules of 16 GB, 24 GB or 32 GB. The kits that will be on sale with DDR5-6000 (36-36-36 or 32-38-38), DDR5-6400 (30-40-40 or 32-39-39), DDR5-7200 (36-46 -46), DDR5-7600 (38-48-48), DDR5-8000 (40-48-48) and DDR5-8200 (40-52-52). From 7200 MHz they will only be sold in kits of two 24 GB modules for a total of 48 GB per kit.

At the moment they do not have a price, but they will go on sale during the third quarter of the year.

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