Giant black hole discovered that wanders in Space, but it is far away and does not threaten the Earth-

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A wandering black hole in Space, the nightmare that appears in some science fiction novels and films. Now that one has really been found, there is a bit of unease. Although the distance, in another galaxy 230 million light years from us, ensures that there is no risk that the Earth and the entire Solar System will be sucked into it.

3 million times the mass of the Sun

A group of scientists, led by Dominic Pesce of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has published in a specialized journal the discovery of a black hole with a mass equal to 3 million times that of the Sun moving in the remote galaxy called J0437 + 2456 . Theoretical studies had speculated that a supermassive black hole could move, but direct evidence had never been found before.

Two hypotheses

The discovery was made with the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico before it collapsed a few months ago, and with the Gemini telescope in Hawaii. The analysis made it possible to establish that the supermassive black hole moves at the speed of 177,000 kilometers per hour within its galaxy. The exact reason for the move is not known. There are two hypotheses: the collision with another black hole or the belonging to a binary system of two black holes, of which the companion is yet to be discovered.

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