Half of the house is in the water, and soon the ground will collapse; Kanneerai Family- Kuttanad | Heavy rain

Alappuzha: The house of Jayakumar, a native of Champakulam, Kuttanad, is in a state of falling into water at any moment. The house started collapsing during the previous day’s collapse. More than half of the house was flooded. The house was built through Rebuild Kerala and with a loan. The loan is not over yet. The family of three is worried about what to do next.

On Saturday night, the house collapsed due to the flood. After the fold fell, he came out of the house. I didn’t see the problem at first. Later, the water rushed in and the steps of the house broke and the house began to sink. Jayakumar, the head of the household, said that he suddenly came out of the house with the clothes he was wearing.

English Summary : House collapsed in Kuttanad


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