Hebrew News – Prince Charles’ wife on the relationship: “We are always in pursuit to find a moment in the day to spend together”

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Prince Charles’ wife on the relationship: “We are always in pursuit to find a moment in the day to spend together”

Camilla Parker Bulls was recently interviewed for the prestigious Vogue magazine and talked about her and her husband’s relationship, the harsh reviews she received over the years, and of course, the next King of England, her husband, Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bulls met somewhere in 1971, but he first married, as is well known, Diana Spencer. During the couple’s marriage, the prince was unable to break free from his love for Camila and the two eventually had an affair, which led to the dissolution of the prince’s marriage. Eight years after Princess Diana passed away, Charles and Camilla established their love.

As you may recall, that choice led to a storm around the world and of course in the royal house, and on the part of Princess Elizabeth in particular. Camila, for her part, has not spoken about the issue over the years, but has had to deal with quite a bit of criticism. Now, for the first time, she reveals what she went through, and how she saw things.

‘I’ve been tested a lot over the years, I just had to deal with it. its not easy. No one likes that in cases him so much. But in the end, we have to move on, to surpass it, “Camila told Vogue magazine for the first time.

Camilla will soon be celebrating her 75th birthday, and according to reports during the magazine interview she refused to use the beauty team and chose to wear clothes she brought from home. Also, despite the many reviews, it is hard to miss the love between the two and during the interview she said that the two, despite the busy hazelnuts, make sure to find a moment every day, to spend time with each other.

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“Sometimes we just sit together and read our books in different corners, we don’t have to talk or have a conversation, it’s very relaxing and pleasant,” said Camila. As mentioned, next month she will be celebrating her birthday, and she has made it clear that she is not interested in a big celebration. “I will mourn with close friends and family, that’s all,” she concluded.

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