Horowitz on the new variant: “The matter is under control, there is no reason for anxiety or panic

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Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and senior Ministry of Health officials held a press conference today (Sunday) in which we updated on the steps to deal with the new corona variant, “Omicron”, which has so far been discovered in a few cases in the country.

“We have prepared for such a scenario and we are ready for it,” the health minister said in his opening remarks. “Thanks to the preparation and maintenance of the means of protection and supervision, we quickly located this variant and were the first in the world to isolate and locate. The matter is in control, there is no cause for anxiety or panic. The Ministry of Health has repeatedly proven that the decisions are professional and that this is how it will continue. “

Horobit stressed: “The most important thing is to get vaccinated, The vaccine is critical in this situation with the new variant. “It is a serious mistake to wait with the vaccine in any way, it is better to meet this variant or the delta that is still around here when you are vaccinated and protected – especially those who have not yet received the booster dose and parents of children who have not yet been vaccinated.”

“The instructions we received last night in the cabinet are valid from now on and for two weeks, it is a very short period of time designed to allow for more certainty. During this period we will get a better indication of the meaning of the spread.

On the approved GSS properties, the minister said: “Operation will be very limited, very temporary and controlled. Unlike in the past, the location will only be activated in relation to the number of individual people found to be verified for the new variant only. To get quickly to whoever was in contact with them. That way we can warn the people to go get tested and interrupt the initial infection chain. This will be done in a controlled, very limited manner and for a short time. “Today, tomorrow and Tuesday, we will try to stop and reduce the rate of infection of the virus.”

He added: “I have great difficulty with using spellsI advocate for the protection of privacy and I prefer the GSS to deal with security rather than civilians, but given the new situation and the immediate need to locate people who came in contact with them and verify the health of those who came in contact with them, I came from a responsibility. The need to use location every day. “

“I would like to commend the speedy actions of the Ministry of Health, adapting the tests to the new variant, the fast work of the bureaus around the country. Efficiency and speed is what saves many people’s lives. The policy is still life alongside the corona and so it seems. “And nowhere else. What can be prevented is a widespread spread of the disease and it is possible to prevent paralysis of the economy and the economy and culture and sports and the routine of life.”

Nitzan Horowitz (Photo: Avshalom Sasson)

The Corona Cabinet has approved a series of significant steps following the outbreak of the new variant that will take effect at midnight between Sunday and Monday. Among the decisions made: Foreigners from all countries will be barred from entering Israel, except in cases approved by the Exceptions Committee. Also, in enclosed spaces, the layout of the green mark will be applied at a gathering of more than 50 participants instead of 100 participants, according to the current situation.

In addition, cellular locations operated by the GSS will be used to monitor verified people carrying the new strain, but this decision will take effect after approval by government ministers, in emergency regulations.

Passengers returning from abroad: Israelis defined as vaccinated (with three vaccines) or recovering, will perform a PCR test upon landing in Israel, after which they will enter home isolation. Subject to performing a second PCR test on the third day with a negative result, the above may be released from isolation. Those who do not perform the additional test on the third day will be required to complete full isolation.

Unvaccinated Israelis will perform a PCR test upon landing in Israel, after which they will enter home isolation. Subject to a second PCR test on the seventh day with a negative result, the above will be able to be released from isolation. Those who do not perform the additional test on the seventh day will be required to complete full isolation.

Israelis who have returned from countries defined as red will perform a PCR test upon landing in Israel, after which they will be transferred to solitary confinement at the Corona Hotel until an answer is received. After receiving a negative answer, the above will be transferred for further home isolation and on the seventh day they will perform another PCR test. Subject to a negative answer in the second test, the above will be released from isolation.


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