How to prevent HIV. Love having fun. Don’t forget to love your health. far away from HIV and AIDS

Know before it’s too late How to prevent HIV. What is this disease? How can I contact you? Love having fun, don’t forget to love your own health. and the one you love

On June 23, 2022, Dr. Nuttaphon Phrutpongphan Assistant Director of Medical Affairs Bangkok Hospital Phitsanulok issued a statement expressing concern about HIV patients that during the past 2 years has been found more in high school boy an average of 150 people per year

In order to make everyone aware of the silent threat that suddenly creeps in, today, The Thaiger will introduce everyone to know how to prevent HIV infection, how to have safe sex, and to compare the differences between What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? How can I contact you?

Know how to stay away from disease. How to prevent HIV. Know how to have sex. to be safe from disease

| What is HIV?

Before we get to know how to prevent HIV, let’s get everyone to understand about this disease first.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, collectively referring to teratogenic immunity. Immunodeficiency This virus is progressively weakening and destroys the body’s immune system. which is the cause of many infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer or AIDS

At present, people who are infected with HIV have a way to completely eliminate the infection from the body. But there are ways to control this type of virus instead. This inhibits the proliferation of the virus and those treated can live like normal people.

How to prevent HIV. Love having fun. Don't forget to love your health.  Far away from HIV and AIDS | News by Thaiger

| How to prevent HIV, how to have safe sex

As many people know that this contagious disease It is often transmitted through sexual intercourse. from blood to blood It may also be passed on through genetics. Therefore, there are ways to prevent HIV infection as follows:

1. The fewer partners, the better.

As mentioned, the virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse. So who is a point hunter or a One Night Stand line might not be a good choice. Changing multiple sex partners increases the risk that your partner will infect you with HIV, or vice versa. It becomes you who infect others.

2. Wear a condom.

wearing a condom It is considered to prevent both HIV virus and STDs that can prevent various diseases, including good contraception. Up to 99% effective even in couples. But if there is no plan to pump the baby soon, it should be the best protection.

3. Have regular blood tests.

Of course, many singles tend to choose an overnight relationship. screening at the clinic or the hospital every 6 months can help you reduce your risk of HIV prevention.

4. On Prep (PrEP)

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. Here’s how to protect yourself from HIV by taking one pill every day. It is mainly used for people at high risk of contracting HIV. The majority of PrEP medications include:

  • Males who have anal sex with other men and do not use condoms regularly
  • People who have HIV but want to have sex in order to have children.

5. Keep it clean before and after sex

Being clean is an important factor in keeping you away from sexually transmitted diseases. Always pay attention and observe the abnormalities of the genitals. Circumcision reduces your chances of contracting STDs. reduce the rate of urinary tract infections reduce the risk of cancer And it makes cleaning the younger brother easier as well.

6. Do not use the needle to tear the medicine together.

tattooing or piercing the body from non-standard stores There is no proper disinfection of equipment used. This will put you at risk of infection through these devices. Including in the group of people who use drugs should separate the use of personal syringes, not mixed with anyone.

How to prevent HIV. Love having fun. Don't forget to love your health.  Far away from HIV and AIDS | News by Thaiger

| How is HIV different from AIDS?

Many people may have the impression that people with HIV have the same disease as AIDS. In fact, these two diseases are not exactly the same disease. but are related diseases

As previously mentioned, HIV is caused by a virus that destroys the body’s immune system. That means when the body is weak As a result, AIDS able to intervene become a patient infected with AIDS as well

sexually transmitted disease

| Symptoms of AIDS and HIV

The symptoms of a patient with HIV infection initially resemble those of the common cold, fatigue, sore throat, body aches. But when this malignant infection has invaded into the cells of the body until it can not be healed, it will result in AIDS patients. and various complications such as lung infections Infectious diseases of the brain, etc.

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How to prevent HIV. Love having fun. Don't forget to love your health.  Far away from HIV and AIDS | News by Thaiger


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