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If you closely follow technological news, you will already know that, for a few years now, the big events hide few surprises. Large devices are usually completely filtered for weeks (sometimes months) before the presentation of the shift is made. And the case of Apple yesterday was no exception.

No specialized pen can say that what was seen and said on September 7 during the keynote of iPhone 14 it took him completely by surprise. Neither the arrival of satellite calls, nor the most marked differentiation between the Pro models and the most basic ones. Everything had been rumored for months. Even that the new mobile family was going to be more expensive. Much more expensive than it had been in the last five years. A problem that affects the European user. In the US, prices remain the same.

If last year the price of the iPhone 13 family started at 809 euros with the mini model, banished from the list in the new family after less than 10% of users bet on it, with the iPhone 14 prices start at 1,009 euros: 100 more than what its direct predecessor, the iPhone 13, cost about a year ago.

In the case of the Pro models, the most powerful, the rise is also noticeable, and a lot. To give an example, the 14 Pro Max with 1 TB of memory reaches 2,119 euros; 16% more than the 13 Pro Max with that capacity, which was last year at 1,839 euros.

Indeed, everything seemed to indicate that the rise in the price of Apple’s star devices would be inevitable. The current situation of inflation, supply problems and the devaluation of the euro against the dollar (which currently have practically the same value) are largely to blame for the fact that the prices of the new terminals are more difficult to assume by European users. Apple knows it and it is not at all clear that the shot will backfire. Not much less.

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The business of the Pro

According to IDC data collected by The Wall Street Journal, global smartphone shipments for the first half of this year are down 10% from the same time last year. Although Apple has managed to weather the situation better than most companies, it is quite likely that the user will become more demanding with the terminals that the company sells. Especially now, which requires a greater economic effort.

As we said yesterday, the new family incorporates few new features compared to the iPhone 13. Precisely, there we would find one of the reasons why, presumably, the most important new features of the new family are found exclusively in the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Income on the rise

The ‘WSJ’ points out that the technology company’s commitment to the most cutting-edge versions of the newly minted ‘smartphone’ would help increase its profits. The premium terminals of the flagship group have been more in demand by users every year since their launch in 2019, the year of the iPhone 11.

Since then, Apple’s revenue from mobile sales has increased. In the three quarters that the iPhone 13 has been on the market, the average sale price of the mobile rose 12% compared to the figures obtained before the launch of the Pro in 2019.

Now, with the rise in the price of the iPhone 14, the benefits of the apple company can be maintained or even continue to rise. The company, for the moment, It has not officially lowered any of its last generation terminals, which are still at the same prices as before the ‘keynote’ was held. We will have to wait to see how the market, and especially the Apple user, normally quite faithful and committed to the brand, receives the new family.

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