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The “reinforced yellow” band

The hypothesis for the regions where the epidemiological curve will show a decline after Easter is give breath to those most penalized categories since the beginning of the pandemic as managers of bars and restaurants. A kind of “reinforced” yellow band which provides for the opening of the premises for lunch, albeit with reduced hours. However, maintaining the prohibitions of the orange band over the weekend e the lockdown for that of May 1st.

Lombardy and Piedmont

Today’s monitoring will draw an Italy that is still very red with Lombardy remaining in the maximum risk range and Piedmont which, despite having an Rt of 1.17, cannot level down because it exceeds the threshold of 250 weekly infections per 100 thousand inhabitants. In the Aosta Valley “The presence of new variants also on our territory and the rise in the Rt index” convince the president of the Region Erik Lavevaz “to adopt more restrictive measures as early as next weekend, when the movements between municipalities will be limited” there will be the official passage in the red zone. Risks Calabria, while in Campania the total closure could be extended until 12 April. I am already at the maximum of the restrictions on Friuli Venezia Giulia, l’Emilia-Romagnto Province of Trento, the Market, the Puglia.

Lazio and Veneto

Lazio will be orange, the Veneto hopes for it but the governor Luca Zaia clarifies: «It is not impossible, but we must see what the count they will make of the past week. We did it, but sometimes calculators don’t give the same result ». Liguria remains at an average level: «Technically it would be the only yellow region in northern Italy with Rt equal to 1, obviously we are not becauseis the Draghi decree freezes the yellow band until the end of the holidaysand Easter», Explains the president Giovanni Toti. Sure to be the governor of Tuscany in orange Eugenio Giani.

Bars and restaurants

The ministers who support the austerity line are still asking for the decree that will be in force from 7 April a month of bans by removing the yellow band. But their request will hardly be accepted. In those areas where the numbers of infections are lower it is thought to do reopen bars and restaurants for lunch but only until 3pm or 4pm, in order to avoid the aperitif time.

The hairdressers

The reopening it could instead be allowed in the red zone to barbers and hairdressers, precisely as it happened before the last decree. This way yes would prevent the appointment at home which takes place with certainly less stringent rules than those imposed in places open to the public.


A loosening which, however, may not concern the Saturday and Sunday. Just to prevent gatherings could be restored for another month the mechanism already used during the Christmas holidays that brought back all of Italy in orange and red at the weekend. Restrictions that would become lockdowns for Saturday 1st May and Sunday 2nd.

State of emergency

The duration of the extension of the state of emergency is also at issue. Speranza is convinced that it should be decreed until July, to allow it to intervene with urgent measures compared to deficiencies and delays in the vaccination campaign.


The confrontation with the governors has begun, a new appointment is scheduled for today. Only next week will we start writing the new provision that will take into account all the requests, but it will have to be dictated by thedata analysis and the trend of the curve in order to avoid dramatic climbs.

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