“I am convinced that it is not demonstrable that any referee was bought”

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2023-12-04 18:23:32

The president of Higher Sports Council (CSD), Victor Francoswas this Monday “convinced that it is not demonstrable that any arbitrator was bought” in the case negreirain which the payment is investigated, by the FC Barcelonaof 7.3 million euros to the former vice president of Technical Committee of Referees, José María Enríquez Negreirabetween 2001 and 2018.

“What I am also convinced of is that it is unethical to pay the number 2 of the Spanish referees, and both things can be said with the same forcefulness,” he added. Franksduring his speech at a colloquium organized by the Barcelona Equestrian Circle.

The president of CSD He insisted that he has “no reason to suspect that someone was carrying envelopes to any referee”, but he also recalled that the Barça club itself has recognized, “somehow”, that these payments “should not have been made” .

Victor Francos, recognized follower of Real Madridalso referred to the ‘sociological Madridismo’ that the president of the club recently denounced. FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta.

“I don’t know what whether or not there is ‘sociological Madridism’ has to do with paying more than 7 million to a person responsible for Spanish arbitration,” reflected the Catalan leader, before making his own interpretation of the term.

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“I believe that what the president of FC Barcelona was referring to is that there is a current that favors ‘per se’ the Madrid, and I don’t agree. “I don’t think there is any current that favors any club or any fan ‘per se’,” he noted.

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“In fact, if I’m honest, I think Barça and Madrid They are the ones who can complain the least depending on what things,” he said. Franks during his first act in the Catalan capital after the investiture of Pedro Sanchez as president of the Government.

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