“I danced with the Duke of Edinburgh, a very funny and charming man”

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“The Duke of Edinburgh was a charming man, very likeable and very, very funny. A man full of humor, his jokes were unforgettable.” It is the memory at time.news of Princess Elettra Giovanelli Marconi, daughter of the Nobel Prize in Physics, who met Prince Philip and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, several times in Italy and England.

“The first time I met him was in Rome, he played polo and was awarded by Princess Elizabeth, not yet crowned sovereign. We were all admired – he continued – When he became prince consort he did not change. He remained a man. funny, affable “.

“I remember that, when he came to Rome, he asked to be able to see the equipment with which my father, Guglielmo Marconi, worked with, he was attracted to electronics. I even danced ‘as a team’ with him at the British embassy – he continued – There was a Scottish dance, the Prince of Edinburgh, of course, was wearing a kilt, we were all very young, I took Scottish dance lessons, I studied a lot for weeks. ”

“We also met in Ascot with my mother – added Elettra Giovanelli Marconi. Prince Philip loved horses like the queen – He rode on horseback, he was a polo player, he loved fox hunts and carriage races”.

Always a step back to the Queen, the Prince of Edinburgh. “He followed the protocol – explained Elettra Giovanelli Marconi – He did everything with great seriousness and humor. And with his august wife, a very intelligent woman, there was a great understanding, they were very close. Together with him she was happy. Many thought she was joking too much. I am convinced, however, that she put the queen in a good mood, that she cheered her up, forced her to a life of responsibility.

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“His fascination with women? – he concluded – Perhaps Elizabeth knew it, but she was superior, she was still the queen”.

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