Confcommercio Toscana launches the protest: “Let us reopen or we will reopen alone”

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«Let us reopen. Or we reopen by ourselves ». This is the slogan chosen by Confcommercio Toscana to launch the great protest scheduled for Tuesday 13 April in Florence, with a meeting at 11 in via Cavour in front of the Prefecture building. A day that will embrace the whole world of companies in the tertiary sector – trade, tourism, services – without distinction some, which will naturally also be attended by all the regional delegations of the confederation, together with their members. At the end of the event a document will be delivered to the prefect of Florence Alessandra Guidi, so that he can act as interpreter with the Government.


“It is impossible – says the director of Confcommercio Toscana Franco Marinoni – to continue to manage beyond the desperation of an entire category, which for more than a year has felt used as a scapegoat for the pandemic”. “We have been loyal to the rules – comments the president Anna Lapini -, as well as respectful, but now the measure is full”. Aldo Cursano, regional president of Fipe Confcommercio (the trade union of public businesses) instead asks «a certain date of opening. We are tired of waiting: our companies are dying ». In short, according to the Confcommercio world, «the time for words is over. Or the government reopens the activities of our entrepreneurs. Or else they will reopen them from them ».

April 9, 2021 | 19:39

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