“I just want my money back”: these aggrieved customers of the Habitat brand

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2023-12-02 20:24:39

The sofa bed Quentin bought never arrived. This Parisian ordered it from the Habitat store on rue du Pont-Neuf (1st arrondissement) last March. “They shifted delivery from month to month. I had to call each time to get news otherwise they would leave us without telling us anything, he says. And then, at one point, I said stop! » In mid-November and after eight months of waiting, he ended up requesting a refund even though the brand promised him that delivery would take place “on December 29”.

After several phone calls to “convince them”, he finally got customer service to send him a link to a form to claim his dues. “I filled it out on November 14. It was stated that I would receive the funds in my bank account within 14 days, he says. Obviously, given the delivery postponements, I was very attentive. And I’ll give it to you straight: I didn’t receive the money! » Being in cessation of payments, the company was unable to make the reimbursement.

The announcement, Thursday, November 30, by Habitat of its request for placement in receivership does not help anything and “worries a lot” Quentin. “I don’t know at all what’s going to happen… I can’t buy another sofa until I get the 2,400 euros back,” he sighs. I hope they find a solution. I just want my money back. »

“We told him that they no longer reimbursed large sums”

Catherine also thought she was getting a good deal. Last May, his daughter, a law student in Paris, had to change accommodation and, on this occasion, buy a bed. After two visits to the Habitat Pont-Neuf store in Paris, his mother placed an order and paid 1,506 euros online on May 8. “On the phone, I was recommended wooden slats for daily sleeping rather than a metal base which was in stock,” the mother explains to us from Brittany. Delivery was a little longer but it was supposed to arrive mid-June. »

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Problem, he will not arrive on this date or on the following ones that will be given to him. After multiple postponements and telephone exchanges, Catherine came to the Parisian store on October 23. “They offered me a refund, I spoke to my daughter about it and when she came back a few days later to have her card re-credited, we told her that they no longer reimbursed large sums,” fumes the one who will send a letter of formal notice. Her daughter has been reduced to sleeping on a mattress placed on the floor for months in her new 10 m2 student apartment.

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