“I realized that I deserve better.” Kristina Timanovskaya is getting divorced » News from Belarus – latest news for today

“I realized that I deserve better.”  Kristina Timanovskaya is getting divorced » News from Belarus – latest news for today

2023-09-26 17:07:18

Less than two months ago, track and field athlete Kristina Timanovskaya told Nasha Niva that during two years of forced emigration she separated from her husband three times, but they managed to survive the most difficult moments and everything is fine with them. And today the athlete wrote on Instagram that she is now dealing with divorce issues.

Kristina Timanovskaya Timanovskaya and Arseniy Zdanevich. Photo: social networks

“Of course, I will not talk in detail about the reasons and delve into past relationships. I let go. In gratitude and peace. Without hysterics and depression. I grew up and realized that I deserve better. She deserves love, acceptance and healthy relationships,” Christina noted on social networks.

The couple was together for 9 years, 6 of which were officially married. Kristina and Arseniy Zdanevich met in 2013 (then the girl was studying in the 11th grade of the Republican School of Olympic Reserve in Minsk). A month later, the young people began dating. According to Christina’s recollections, then many said that they would not be together, but she was immediately sure of the seriousness of the relationship.

Christina dreamed of being proposed to under the Eiffel Tower. And Arseny partially fulfilled this dream – he invited his beloved to a French restaurant in the Belarusian capital, where there was a miniature Eiffel Tower. And the waiter brought a bouquet and wedding rings.

In August 2017, the couple got married. At some point, Arseny decided to leave sports (he was also involved in athletics) and got a job at the Republican Olympic Training Center in Minsk to be close to his wife and help her train. However, the salary there was ridiculous, and he had to work as a taxi driver at night and on weekends.

Later, Arseny got a job at a large fitness center and his income increased significantly. Christina recalls that in the very first months of work, her husband began to receive 2,500 rubles instead of 1,000 – and this taking into account the fact that he was on a probationary period and received only 40% of his potential earnings. But then there was a scandal at the Tokyo Olympics, and Arseny had to leave everything in Belarus and urgently evacuate to his wife in Poland. He didn’t even have time to officially quit and receive his salary for the last month of work.

In an interview with Nasha Niva, Kristina said that emigration became a difficult test for their relationship: “Perhaps the problems were due to our sudden move, due to the fact that we both lost everything we had. I was depressed for a while and it wasn’t good for our relationship.”

The athlete emphasized that her husband helps her with training, goes to competitions and called him her main support. In honor of their sixth wedding anniversary in August, the couple exchanged expensive gifts. Arseny gave his wife an Audi, and she gave him a Swiss watch from the Roamer brand.

It seems this love story is nearing its end. In her stories, Christina wrote that she was eternally grateful to Arseny for his support during these difficult two years, but noted that he brought a lot of pain and suffering, which negatively affected her health. According to the athlete, they tried to save the relationship for a year, including with the help of a psychologist, but in the end they decided to separate.

Today Christina left her husband. In two days she plans to fly to Greece, and from there she will remotely look for a new apartment for herself. “I don’t know yet where my new life will begin. All I have is a car and three suitcases of things.”

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