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Riccardo Cristello, 45, from Taranto, is the employee of ArcelorMittal who was fired after sharing a post with comments on the fiction «Wake up my love», starring Sabrina Ferilli as the main protagonist. A post that invited you to see fiction, according to Riccardo, but with “damaging and threatening statements” according to ArcelorMittal. «I’m not saying I’m a model employee – Riccardo explains – but I’ve always given everything and more. In fact, I was considered a corporatist not being a member of the union. Today I find myself outside the company with a family, a wife, two children and a mortgage to pay, just because someone imagined that I could only think that that fiction was referring to my employers. In my post I did not see anything wrong, every day we share a lot of posts maybe even reading them, like a chain of letters. Now I feel like a rock on me, it is a situation that I do not wish anyone to experience for not having done anything ».


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