Ok of the Valle d’Aosta Regional Council to Defr 2021 – 2023

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Twelve agendas presented by minority and majority were also approved

AOSTA. With 21 yeses and 14 abstentions by Lega VdA and Pour l’Autonomie, the regional council approved the Defr 2021 – 2023. The vote came at the end of a discussion that began on Wednesday afternoon and ended in the late morning which extended mainly to the 28 orders of the day presented. Those approved are twelve, one of which is from the majority.

With regard to the proposals of Pour l’Autonomie, the Chamber voted a commitment to submit within 90 days to the Commission the Regional plan for health and social well-being of the three-year period, the commitment to update the rregulation of the administration of food and beverages and the discipline on bed & breakfasts, the proposal to activate an in-depth discussion table with associations and local authorities for thesupport for the birth rate and also the agenda on the presentation to the Commission of an organic plan for the application of the Family factor in childhood and social housing policies.

Seven approved agendas are from the League. Among the approved proposals is the commitment to include the development of one local hydrogen supply chain in the regional environmental energy plan and in line with the regional “fossil fuel free 2040” strategy and the commitment by the Region to develop actions against addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling between young people and adolescents. An initiative on the ski mountaineering with the request to define a development plan for the practice in the Aosta Valley ski areas. Two further agendas were then approved on integration policies of the Defr and on the reordering of nursing homes.

Finally, the agenda of the majority, unanimously approved like all the previous ones, commits the regional government to evaluate together with Asiva a collaboration with the cableway companies to create a Nordic ski slope.


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