In Paris, a fifth of housing is not or little used, according to a study

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2023-12-05 19:43:02

Around one in five Parisian homes is vacant, used occasionally or as a second home, according to a study by the Parisian Urban Planning Agency (Apur) released on Tuesday and on which the town hall is basing itself to request legislative change, in the midst of the housing crisis. . These 262,000 housing units “unoccupied”or nearly 19% of the Parisian stock, are all those “which do not constitute the main residence of a household”explains Apur which draws this definition and these data from the INSEE census.

This study, presented Tuesday by Apur and the town hall, shows “a very sharp increase in the number of unoccupied homes”, of the order of 4.7%, over the last decade. And if this total of 262,000 unused or little-used housing dates back to 2020, the housing deputy (PCF) Jacques Baudrier anticipates a further increase to 280,000 for 2023, because “we already have the statements for 2021 and 2022”.

In detail, 128,000 Parisian housing units were vacant, and 134,000 used occasionally (work) or as a second home (leisure). This makes the capital the second French city with the highest share of housing “unoccupied”, behind Nice (28%). Grenoble (17%) and Nancy (16%) follow, again according to Apur. At the other end of the ranking is Toulon (6%), behind Nantes and Rennes (10%).

The heavily unoccupied center

A glance at the Parisian map shows a very strong disparity between districts, with a huge proportion of unused or little used housing for those in the center, in particular the 8th (36%), the 7th (34%), the 6th and Paris Center (30%). 72% of them are small dwellings, one or two rooms, which corresponds to the property “placed in furnished tourist rental”underlines Apur.

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Recalling that the rental of a second home or vacant accommodation is not “not legal”Apur estimates that the recent increase in the number of housing units “unoccupied” East “partly linked to the increase in undeclared furnished tourist rentals” . Around 25,000 housing units “would be diverted from their use to be rented on platforms”estimates the general director of Apur, Alexandre Labasse.

With a negative balance of 35,000 main residences over the period 2011-2020, “there are entire neighborhoods that have been partly emptied”alarms the first deputy (PS) Emmanuel Grégoire for whom this situation creates numerous ” side effects “notably “urban sprawl and additional travel”et “weakens economic attractiveness in the very long term” from Paris.

At the end of November, the deputies gave their approval in committee to a transpartisan bill which tackles, in the face of the housing shortage, the « tax niche » furnished tourist accommodation like Airbnb. The text could be the subject of a vote in the hemicycle during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The most debated measure concerns the reduction in the tax reduction rate on income from furnished tourist accommodation to 30%, except in “very sparse rural area” where an additional 41% rate (71% total) could be applied. “Our goal is not to tax” the owners “but to encourage them to rent their accommodation”underlines Jacques Baudrier.

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