“We are warriors and we continue forward”: International Day of People with Disabilities

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2023-12-05 18:15:00

A dozen wires held his prosthesis together for more than a month. This homemade arrangement accompanied the steps and work days of Juan Daniel, a young Honduran whose life turned upside down after falling from a train in Mexico two years ago. He thus faced economic and transportation difficulties to repair or replace it; He was there so he would not lose the prosthesis that gave him back the desire to live and get ahead.

When a person loses a limb, life changes forever.; This is a reality experienced by hundreds of people who are victims of violence or who suffered an accident on the migratory route. Waking up on a stretcher and knowing you are an amputee is deeply hard and sad. It’s time to get to know each other again, get up, shake yourself off and move forward “like the great warriors with brave hearts that we are.”

These are the voices of Juan, José, Rossman, Marlon, Osmán, Kenny and Amilkarpeople who at different times took the route to the north of the continent to escape violence or seek a more dignified life, but whose journey was disrupted by an accident that led to an amputation.

For them, having a prosthesis is a new chance at life.: helps them facilitate mobility, overcome obstacles, find work and recover their life projects. However, accessing them, maintaining them and receiving physical rehabilitation is practically impossible for most, due to high costs and the lack of specialized services available.

Rossman, for example, takes about three hours to get to Fundación Vida Nueva in Choluteca, Honduras, where he was given his prosthesis, and he worries about keeping it in good condition “because my family is very low on resources.”

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