In Sanremo the ‘in-ear’ headphones created by a Sardinian startup are very popular

by time news – In-ear monitor headphones produced by a Sardinian-Milanese start-up are depopulated at the Sanremo Festival worn by many of the performers on stage. We see them on the ears of Achille Lauro, a regular musical guest in the five evenings of the musical event, who also used them when he was competing in the 2020 edition. The headphones are the result of the idea, born almost by chance, of Riccardo Cherchi sound engineer of Olmedo nel Sassarese and Alessandro, an audiologist also of Sardinian origin, both Milanese by adoption.

“I’ve been a sound engineer for some time – says Riccardo co-founder of Nts Audio at – and I met my colleague on a business occasion, he asked me for advice and then we decided to put our professional skills together”. Come on first prototypes made in a tool warehouse the step towards the numerous requests from big musicians was short: “The first customer was Nic Cester, Australian musician known by most as the singer of Jet” and then many Italians: Francesco Sarcina delle Vibrazioni, who used them on stage of the Sanremo festival last year.

They are used by many artists who alternate on the Ariston stage

Coma Cose, Colapesce and Dimartino, WrongonYou are just some of the singers in the competition who in these evenings use Riccardo’s in-ear headphones: “The other day we took the earprints of rapper Vega Jones – he adds, recounting the Sanremo experience – who duetted with Aiello on the stage of the Ariston in the evening of the covers with temporary headphones waiting for the definitive ones”. One of the keys to the success of Riccardo and Alessandro’s in-ears is that they are ergonomic and are made on the customer’s ear imprint.

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The technical peculiarity – explains the young startupper – is that the driver we use is microscopic and allows us to insert up to 12 in the shell, to dedicate each driver to frequencies of different intensity “. The quality for those who make live music is fundamental and the sound, thanks to the ergonomics and the small size, comes close to the eardrum of the musician who in this way is able to isolate himself from external noises and hear only the music and his voice. .

The start-up has grown on the wave of success

The start-up grew in a short time, thanks to the success of the product technology and the possibility of customization: “Marracash asked us to cover the outside with precious stones that we have made with the collaboration of one of the most important Italian jewelry production houses – for Sarcina we have applied silver skulls ”. Now Riccardo and Alessandro have opened a laboratory in Milan with more sophisticated equipment: “I still remember when we painted the first prototypes from the terrace of my kitchen – he says – today we are working to become a leader in the production of in-ear headphones”.

For Riccardo who grew up in a small village near Sassari and who chose Milan to train in the only Italian university of sound engineering, the Sae Institute is a unexpected success: “I went to Milan, the city of music, to be a sound engineer and – he confesses – I never thought that an idea, born almost by chance, could give birth to a reality appreciated by the most important international and Italian musicians”.


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