in the South-West, a shower of UFO reports

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2023-12-02 08:00:13

STORY – In the region which goes from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to the Massif Central and from La Rochelle to Foix, there are more reports of strange phenomena seen in the sky than elsewhere.

This article comes from “Figaro Magazine”.

Thomas Destouches is a pruner-climber in Réaux-sur-Trèfle in the south of Charente-Maritime. So far nothing paranormal, he just happens, after Easter weekends, to crush chocolate eggs with his hedge trimmer. But one evening in the summer of 2023, something deeply surreal in the sky amazes him. It is the beginning of July, Thomas no longer knows exactly what day it is, he just remembers that he has just finished his day by parking his camtar and putting away his chainsaws, harnesses and abseiling ropes. “I shower, I have dinner and then sit in my courtyard”, he testifies. The starry night is magnificent and, suddenly, above a tree I see luminous squares in single file which move for seven to eight seconds to disappear in the Milky Way. I hadn’t had a drink and I’m not the type to tell lies.”

We want to believe Thomas, but he should have remembered the date…

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