The “Smart” Method for Prescribing Ritalin: Clearer Results and Tailored Treatment for Children with ADHD

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2023-12-02 08:17:16
New “smart” method for prescribing Ritalin to children with ADHD

A new “smart” method for prescribing Ritalin to children with ADHD is showing promising results, according to child and youth psychiatrist Doctor Vertessen. This new method aims to provide clearer and quicker insights into which children benefit from Ritalin and which do not.

According to Vertessen, this new method allows practitioners to identify more quickly in which children the medicine does not lead to a reduction in complaints. This, in turn, enables them to start another treatment more quickly, thus avoiding unnecessary exposure to the side effects of Ritalin, such as poorer sleep or less appetite.

Furthermore, the new method has also shed light on the fact that a higher dose of Ritalin does not always have a better effect in children who do benefit from the medication. Vertessen stresses the importance of this information, as it allows for more tailored and individualized treatment for each child.

Another significant finding from the new method is the placebo effect. According to Vertessen, parents, and to a lesser extent teachers, reported positive effects of ADHD medication even when children were treated with a placebo.

Doctor Vertessen is currently using the method in her own practice at the UPC in Gasthuisberg and advocates for other psychiatrists to do so as well. She believes that the method is ready to be rolled out further in practice and is also being examined in the Netherlands.

However, the adoption of this new method will require a change from doctors, as it is more time-consuming to compare the doses and evaluate the reporting of complaints. Despite this, Vertessen notes that there is a lot of demand for the method among parents of patients.

Overall, this new “smart” method for prescribing Ritalin to children with ADHD shows great potential in providing more tailored and effective treatment, avoiding unnecessary exposure to side effects, and shedding light on the placebo effect.]
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