Intel and New-Photonics’ Breakthrough in Optical Communication for Data Centers

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2023-12-11 14:49:05
Tech Breakthrough: Intel and New Photonics Successfully Integrate High-Speed Communication Technologies

In a groundbreaking development, Intel and New Photonics have announced the successful combination of Intel’s 224Gbps SerDes high-speed communication technology with New Photonics’ Photonics Engine chip. This milestone achievement makes it possible to bring optical communication directly to the servers in the data center using cables up to 10 km long, without the need for auxiliary circuits to convert and translate the optical signals into electrical signals.

Yaniv Ben Haim, CEO and founder of New-Photonics, expressed excitement about the potential impact of this integration, stating that it will pave the way for the construction of computer centers where communication is fully optical from end to end. The project was carried out in collaboration with Intel’s Israeli communications group, managed by Noam Avni.

Intel’s high-speed MCM, unveiled in March 2023 and initially implemented using FPGA components, plays a key role in this achievement. It is designed for use in the fastest communication applications in data centers, such as 800GbE and 1,600GbE, and allows for the direct connectivity of optical information to servers without the need for DSP processing operations and the use of signal converters.

New-Photonics, established in 2020 by Yaniv Ben Haim and Prof. Yosef Ben-Ezra, has been making strides in the field of silicon photonics. The company raised $26 million in 2021 and joined the EU Silicon Photonics Consortium in 2022. It is also involved in two consortiums of the Israeli Innovation Authority, focusing on the development of photonic quantum computing and highly transparent substrates for silicon photonics applications.

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This development has significant implications for the electro-optics and semiconductor industries. With the successful integration of high-speed communication technologies, the future of data centers and communication systems looks set to be revolutionized.

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