IPL 2023 Final: Ahmedabad Weather Update – Chance of Rain or Clear Skies?

IPL 2023 Final: Ahmedabad Weather Update – Chance of Rain or Clear Skies?

2023-05-29 12:57:00

Ahmedabad: The final match of the ongoing IPL season will be held today after being postponed yesterday due to rain. ‘Is there a match today? The fans who waited to watch the match live yesterday in longing, ‘or not’, were left with disappointment. So, interest is building to know the weather conditions of Ahmedabad since this morning. ‘There will be no rain’ is the expectation of Chennai Super Kings fans.

In this case, information from the field confirms that the weather will be favorable throughout the day as of 2.42 pm in Ahmedabad city. A temperature of 36° Celsius is reported and the sky is cloudy. A 6% chance of thunderstorms has been reported.

The India Meteorological Department has said that the sky will be cloudy in Ahmedabad with a chance of rain or thundershowers. This is the weather forecast for today.

May 29, 2023: Ahmedabad Weather – Time: 1.20 pm

On the other hand, the weather information published by Weather.com says that the sky will be clear throughout the day. It is also reported that it will be cloudy in the evening. After 6.30 pm sky will be clear and 22% chance of rain in evening. It has been reported that the sky will be cloudless during the final match.

“Spread thundershowers are expected over Ahmedabad today. It may happen before the start of the match,” said Pradeep John, a private meteorologist.

What happens if it rains? – The start of this match has been delayed due to rain and if the match starts by 09:40 tonight it is expected that the match will be played in its entirety without any reduction of overs. The cut-off time is 11:56 pm for both teams to play innings of 5 overs. This is the announcement made by the IPL management yesterday. The same seems to be true today.

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If that fails too, a super over will be held. If that is not possible then the Gujarat Titans team with the most points in the league round will be declared the champions.

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