Ishfar Announces Pre-Sale of PlayStation Portal and PlayStation Pulse Headsets in Israel

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2023-12-07 20:15:15
Ishfar, the importer of Sony products in Israel, has announced the pre-sale opening for the PlayStation Portal and the PlayStation Pulse and Pulse Elite headsets. The products are expected to arrive in stores in February.

The PlayStation Portal, which was introduced by Sony in August, is a portable console that allows users to play PlayStation 5 games by streaming locally from the network. It features an 8-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, as well as non-detachable full-size DualSense remote controls. The console supports all the different capabilities of the controller, providing a gaming experience similar to the DualSense controller.

In addition to the PlayStation Portal, the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore headphones will also be arriving in Israel. These wireless headphones support spatial audio and connect to PlayStation 5 or the PlayStation Portal without the need for an adapter or cable.

The PlayStation Portal is priced at 959 shekels in Israel, while the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore headphones are priced at 659 and 959 shekels respectively. In the USA, the price of the PlayStation Portal is 199 dollars, and the headphones are priced at 149 and 199 dollars.

The pre-sale for all products will open on Sunday on the Ishfar website and at authorized resellers, with the launch expected sometime in February. Customers can look forward to experiencing the latest Sony gaming products in the near future.
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