E-Visas Now Available for 2023 FIFA Club World Cup Ticket Holders in Saudi Arabia

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2023-12-07 20:30:48
Saudi Arabia Introduces E-Visas for FIFA Club World Cup Ticket Holders

In an effort to make it easier for football fans to attend the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup match in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of External Affairs has announced that electronic visas will be issued to ticket holders. This new visa system is part of a collaboration between the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Sports.

The FIFA Club World Cup matches are set to take place from the 12th to the 22nd of this month, with seven teams, including Manchester City and a Saudi Club, competing in two stadiums in Jeddah. Football fans from around the world will now have the opportunity to apply for electronic visas through the website visa.mofa.gov.sa in order to attend the matches.

Those who obtain electronic visas will be entitled to all the benefits of visitors who come on a normal visit visa. The semi-final matches will be held on December 18 and 19, with the final match scheduled for December 22 at 9pm. This year’s competition will be the last to be played in the current format, with the next competition set to be held in America in 2025.

The introduction of electronic visas for FIFA Club World Cup ticket holders demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s commitment to facilitating international travel for sports fans and promoting the country as a destination for major sporting events.
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