Javier Milei begins government with broad support from young Argentines

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2023-12-09 04:00:05

Javier Milei assumes the Presidency of Argentina for the next four years Agustin Marcarian/Reuters – 11/29/2023 The ultra-liberal Javier Milei assumes the Presidency of Argentina on Sunday (10) for a four-year term. The economist, with just two years of experience in politics, received more than 14 million votes and defeated Economy Minister Sergio Massa by a wide margin. His provocative profile and his radical proposals to lead the country out of the crisis won over the electorate. Young Argentines are the largest portion of the population that supports the new president and is betting on the promises of a country with a more robust economy. Milei promised, during the campaign, to reduce inflation, reduce public spending and the fiscal deficit, eliminate taxes and reform the labor market. See also Nolasco’s Blog Milei meets with Bolsonaro two days before taking office as president of Argentina Internacional Fernández points to inflation as the cause of defeat and questions poverty data in Argentina Economy Decades-old errors in Argentina generate inflation of 140% and put 40% of the population in poverty According to a survey by the consultancy company Reale Dallatorre, carried out between November 22nd and 27th, 76% of young people aged 16 to 25 have a positive image of Milei, and 78.1% trust that he will do well in the government that starts next Sunday (10). “It was a relief that [Javier] Milei won, I trust him”, says Samir Santa Cruz, 21 years old, who works as a food app delivery man. Samir is counting on the improvement in the economy to stop driving around the streets of the capital, Buenos Aires. “When Milei puts the economy back on track, I already have a lot of business in mind. I have an entrepreneurial mind”, says the young man. Luna Block, 20 years old, works at her family’s kiosk in a bus terminal, in the Retiro neighborhood, in Buenos Aires. She is also a physical education teacher at a gym and says that Milei “gives good expectations.” “My economic situation is not bad, but it is not the best either. I hope he starts working on his proposals as soon as he takes office”, says Luna. Young Argentines are betting on the new government to lead the country out of the economic crisis JUAN MABROMATA / AFP – 6/12/2023 “If Milei fulfills 50% of what he said, We are already going to be changing our future a lot”, says Franco Propato, 23 years old, who works in a small motorcycle shop. Argentina faces annual inflation above 140% and poverty that exceeds 40% of the country’s population. According to Pablo Vommaro, coordinator of the Policy and Youth Study Group at the University of Buenos Aires, 13% of the young population is unemployed, and 20% is underemployed, numbers that almost double the general average. Also read ‘Today begins the end of Argentina’s decadence ‘, says Javier Milei in his 1st speech Argentina will be a world power in 35 years, says Milei Argentine stock market soars 20% after Milei’s election; dollar becomes more expensive Milei’s ideas of economic opening are, in general, well received by young people. But his proposal to privatize the oil company YPF is only accepted by 37%, according to the RDT survey. As for the referendum proposal to repeal the abortion law, 40.5% reject it, 32.6% agree and 26.9% do not know what to say. Vommaro explains that “Milei was the only candidate with a hopeful, future-forward speech. That’s one of the reasons why he was so popular among young people.”
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