Joe Biden clashes with Vladimir Putin: “A murderer”

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Tension skyrocketing between Joe Biden e Vladimir Putin. The United States, just like in 2016, accuses the Russian Federation of trying to interfere in the American electoral process by intervening in favor of former US President Donald Trump. The intelligence community released a declassified report on Tuesday that lists all foreign attempts to influence the 2020 election – and highlights how major US opponents, such as Russia and Iran, see the US elections as “opportunities” to support. their political agenda. As he points out Vox, the National Intelligence Council’s 15-page document, which is a public version of a confidential report, however, states that no nation has actually tried concretely to alter the election result. In other words, the electoral process itself was not compromised.

Biden shocked: “Putin killer”

Despite this, Joe Biden’s reaction is very harsh and the president assures, in an interview with Good Morning America, that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will pay a price“For trying to interfere in the US election. In the same interview, Biden said he warned Putin of a potential response to election interference during a phone call between the two leaders in late January.”We had a long interview, I know him relatively well – Biden said – and our conversation started like this: ‘I know you and you know me, if I determine that this has happened, then get ready“. But the president-elect went further, letting himself go to a shock accusation against his Russian counterpart: Biden, in fact, when asked by the interviewer, declared that he believes that Putin is a”assassin“, only to then try to correct the shot and underline that, in any case, the two countries can”work together in the common interest“.

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Outrage in Moscow over Biden’s shocking words

The Kremlin reacts to Joe Biden’s shocking statements. The President of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, he stressed that the words of the US president constitute “an attack on Russia“According to Andrej Klimov, chairman of the Federation Council commission for the protection of state sovereignty, reports the agency Nova, Biden’s statements represent a continuation of the White House’s “russophobic” policy. “Biden, when he visited Russia as vice president, expressed views on who should be the leader of the country. It was very clearly explained to him that Russia is not one of the US states, or even a member of NATO “, said Klimov. The Russian senator also recalled that Biden “it is directly linked to the coup in Ukraine and to a number of other events“Come on Doug Bandow su the American Conservativedespite the rise of Beijing and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Moscow continues to be Washington’s eternal enemy.

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