Khloe Kardashian received a marriage proposal from Tristan Thompson

It always seems to us that the toxic relationship of Chloe Kardashian and the father of her children Tristan Thompson Couldn’t be more devastating, the two emerge with new drama that leaves us speechless every time.

After Thompson’s incessant betrayal saga and after it became known that the couple recently brought another child into the world through a surrogate even though they decided to officially separate, now a new and particularly surprising drama is revealed – a particularly unsuccessful marriage proposal on the part of the basketball player.

The story was revealed when the elder sister Kim spoke to Khloe in front of the cameras of the family reality show about the secret marriage proposal: “The fact that he proposed to you and you just didn’t tell us. And I asked him about it months later.” Kim added to talk about it with Tristan himself who told her: “I already did it months ago, she didn’t tell you about it?”.

It turns out that Thompson proposed marriage to Kardashian already in December 2020, but she decided to reject the proposal because she was not proud of it. “I need to make sure it’s a completely different relationship because I want to be proud when I tell someone I’m engaged,” Khloe said and added: “That’s why I said I don’t feel comfortable accepting the offer right now because I’m not excited enough to tell my family about it.”

She concluded the issue by talking about the unpleasantness that prevailed between the two afterwards: “As painful as it may be for him to hear this, it is the truth. I will never agree to this and give someone false hope.”

Kardashian must have known exactly what she was saying because just months after the secret proposal it was revealed that her unfaithful ex had cheated on her again with an anonymous fitness trainer with whom he even fathered a child.

Chloe be strong, TMI is here to lend a supportive shoulder, just pick up the phone.


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