“Kingston Technology Returns to COMPUTEX 2023: Introducing the World’s First Kingston Future Hub Showroom and Kingston Starship No.35, Showcasing New Non-Binary DDR5 Memory, XS1000 Portable SSDs, Industrial SD Cards and More”

“Kingston Technology Returns to COMPUTEX 2023: Introducing the World’s First Kingston Future Hub Showroom and Kingston Starship No.35, Showcasing New Non-Binary DDR5 Memory, XS1000 Portable SSDs, Industrial SD Cards and More”

2023-05-30 20:53:09

Bangkok – May 30, 2023 – Kingston Technology, the world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced its grand return to COMPUTEX, Taiwan. After not joining for three years Ready to invite everyone to step into the future with the world’s first “Kingston Future Hub” showroom and “Kingston Starship No.35” to continue the core working philosophy of “Kingston Is With You”.

Kingston is announcing a wide range of new products at COMPUTEX 2023, including non-binary DDR5 memory, XS1000 portable SSDs, industrial SD cards, data center solutions and more. Information and trusted partners in the industry.

As a result, Kingston’s DataTraveler® microDuo™ 3C (DTDUO3CG3) USB Flash drive has been selected by the Taiwan Trade and Export Promotion Council (TAITRA) as the official gift for media at COMPUTEX 2023.

Mr. Kevin Wu, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development “Over the past 35 years, Kingston has accomplished many milestones, such as being able to maintain its No. 1 position as a third-party DRAM module supplier for 19 consecutive years, and being crowned the No. 1 third-party DRAM module supplier for 19 consecutive years. Leading SSD market share since 2019

This reflects Kingston’s continued commitment to strengthening its customers. We are excited to be back at COMPUTEX once again to bring you a comprehensive solution. which can meet the needs of a variety of users Reinforces Kingston’s commitment to being by your side.”

Unveils the world’s first Kingston Future Hub showroom.
The “Kingston Future Hub” showroom showcases how Kingston can enrich people’s lives with memory and storage solutions through five themed zones:

• Creator Tools: Due to the growing demand for computer storage and performance, Kingston offers private studios featuring Kingston FURY memory, Kingston SSDs and work gear. flexible

Also introduced non-binary DDR5 memory, which delivers an optimal memory-to-core ratio without sacrificing bandwidth. to help meet the needs of users And with this more flexible capacity This makes non-binary DDR5 memory a cost-effective option. This can help reduce the cost of your system.

• Enterprise Portfolio: This is a walk-in data center offering featuring Kingston’s enterprise portfolio of enterprise SSDs and Server Premier DDR5 memory, trusted by leading server manufacturers and large data centers. the best in the world

Kingston has released the DC600M, an enterprise SSD. Designed for mixed use Delivers excellent quality of service (QoS) that guarantees consistent latency and IOPS to meet service level agreements. This is ideal for write-intensive recording in harsh work environments.

• Enthusiast Products: Featuring PCs customized by world-class PC modders, along with the new Kingston FURY DDR5 non-binary memory line and Kingston FURY Renegade. SSD

The Kingston FURY DDR4 memory products come in a new heat spreader design. Showcased alongside a range of DDR5 RGB memory modules, it comes with 18 customizable lighting effects via Kingston FURY CTRL™ software to help unleash gamers with cutting-edge performance and aggressive style

• Vlogger Essentials: Offering the best storage solutions from Kingston for travelers, Kingston has partnered with long-term travel partner EVA Air. Which is one of the members of the Star Alliance (Star Alliance) with routes covering the world. to elevate the smart travel experience to the next level

Whether your goals are for work, relaxation, or even just to do something you love, Kingston and EVA Air are there to make your journey easy with reliable products and service. The first XS1000 portable SSD, a compact form factor. Can be easily carried Allows users to save and share information. as well as transfer important files or memories while traveling

• Smart Living: Experience Kingston technology solutions developed for leading global brands such as Acer, ASUS, BBK Electronics, OPPO and many more. Kingston memory products can be found. Both in smart home devices, drones, e-books (e-Book) and educational equipment. It reinforces our philosophy that “Kingston is with you.” Even in the most unexpected places, Kingston is with you.

Presenting Kingston Starship No.35 at COMPUTEX 2023
This past March, Kingston introduced the “Kingston Starship No.35,” a truck that offers an exciting space-themed experience. Highlighting the highest level of performance in Kingston products, Kingston Starship No.35, with more than 50,000 visitors, will be on display at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall during COMPUTEX 2023.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to win cash prizes, Kingston products or premium economy class round-trip airfare from EVA Air for flights between Taiwan and other countries. in Asia as needed

You can check more information at kingston.com

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