KP Sasikala, keynote speaker at Sujayaparvati Hindu Ikyavedi state conference, shared poster

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Former associate editor of 24 News Sujaya Parvathi, who was in controversy for being proud to be called a Sanghi, was the keynote speaker at the Hindu Aikyavedi’s state convention. A post was seen on the Facebook page of Hindu Aikyavedi state president Sasikala welcoming Sujaya Parvathi to the state conference being held in Thrissur.

Sujaya Parvathy had said that she was proud to be called Sanghi while participating in an event organized by BMS Tripunithura, the workers wing of BJP. Sujaya was suspended by Twinty Four News authorities after widespread criticism was raised against this. Following this, there was a strong protest from BJP PRSS centers and BMS marched to the office of Twinfour.

Following this, Sujaya was reinstated by the management, but one day Sujaya resigned from there after reading the news by wearing a saffron colored dress.
It is Sujaya Parvathi who has been called as the keynote speaker at the meeting of HinduAikyavedi in Thrissur today. Sujaya’s speech will be held at 6 pm. Sasikala’s Facebook page has also shared a poster saying ‘Welcome to Thrissur’ for the heroine of the film.

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