Kraunakis to Protopsaltis for changing the lyrics: “If you’re right-handed… it’s the poor fat woman’s fault”

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2023-12-04 14:55:32

A few days after the uproar created by her decision Alkistis Protopsalti to remove the word “fat” from the legendary song “Adonis”, o Stamatis Kraunakiscreator of the song, gave his own answer.

Stamatis Kraunakis has already made statements about this move by Alkistis Protopsaltis, however he returned to the premiere of his appearances in Alsos and made a more clear position in his own way.

In the video from Proino, Stamatis Kroaynakis performed the piece without removing the word “fat”, while he photographed Alkisti Protopsalti as “right wing”!

“The fat lady bothered us, the fat lady annoyed us”

“We were annoyed by the fat lady, we were annoyed by the fat lady. What’s wrong with her, what’s wrong with her… She’s chubby too… She’s chubby too. It’s okay to be fat, what’s a fat girl to do. If you are a right wing, the poor fat woman will blame you” Stamatis Kraunakis can be heard saying.

The famous man and the “fat nervousness”

At a recent event for the presentation of his album “The Tiger”, Stamatis Kraunakis had revealed that the “fat nervousness” is a famous man.

“The ‘fat nervous’ referred to in the song is a well-known man. That person was the reason I wrote that song back then.”

“Every performer in the live performance of the songs has the right to mess with anything,” Stamatis Kraunakis said a few days ago. “When I call him ‘Adoni’, I show her the fat one and all the fat women below get excited. The song is 40 years old and innocent“, he emphasized.

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