kyiv forces recaptured a village, the first achievement of their offensive

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2023-06-11 17:06:40

It is the town of Blagodatne, on the border between Donetsk and Zaporizhia. President Volodimir Zelensky had confirmed a day earlier that a “counteroffensive action” was underway.

the army of Ukraine announced this sunday the recapture of the town of Blagodatnein the southeast, the first victory he claimed in his offensive against Russian troops in this part of the front.

“The glorious soldiers of the 68th brigade… have liberated the town of Blagodatne,” the Ukrainian army’s ground forces said on Facebook, alongside a video showing soldiers holding a Ukrainian flag at a destroyed building. .

According to the spokesman for the defense units of the so-called Tavria Front that participated in the operation, Valeriy Shershen, the Ukrainians captured two Russian soldiers and pro-Russian separatist fighters.

“The Ukrainian flag has been hung over Blagodatne”he added, referring to a town that had less than a thousand inhabitants before the war.

Blagodatne is located on the border between the Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions in south-eastern Ukraine, where Moscow has been reporting major assaults by kyiv forces for almost a week.

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelensky, reported on Saturday that his army was undertaking a “counteroffensive action” at the front, without specifying whether it is the great attack that the kyiv General Staff has been preparing for months.

Zelensky confirmed a “counteroffensive action” on Saturday, but did not provide details. Photo: Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko.

“Counteroffensive and defensive actions are taking place in Ukraine, which I am not going to talk about in detail,” Zelensky said.

The words of the Ukrainian president confirmed what his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, had anticipated on Friday: that the counteroffensive has already begunalthough the Kremlin leader was quick to clarify that the Ukrainian attacks of the past days on the front had “failed”.

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“You have to trust our military and I trust them,” Zelensky said during a press conference he shared with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, visiting Kiev.

The Russian army has reported in the last six days heavy attacks mainly on the southern front.

The spokesman for the Eastern Command of the Ukrainian army Serguii Cherevati reported on television on Saturday that Ukrainian troops managed to advance 1,400 meters around the town of Bakhmut, after Russia claimed control of that enclave in May.

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