Looking forward to your responses; Suresh Gopi – Suresh Gopi Thank you for your love and support

Actor Suresh Gopi shares his happiness about the release of his new film ‘Mem Who Moosa’ in theatres. The actor has shared his joy and excitement through a Facebook post. ‘Thank you for all the love and support you give Ma’am Who Musa. We are eagerly waiting to know your reactions when our film is released,’ the actor wrote on Facebook. The film will release in theaters on September 30.

The director of ‘Mem Who Musa’ is Jibu Jacob, who made the superhit film Vellimoonga. Suresh Gopi in a completely different look and feel, the film has already gained attention. The actor plays the role of Musa, a former army officer from Malappuram. Musa will be one of the best roles in Suresh Gopi’s career. The background of the movie is the period from 1998 to 2019. ‘Mem Hoo Musa’ is a genre-bending pan-Indian film dealing with contemporary events in India.

Shot in different parts of the country like Kargil, Wagah Border, Poonch, Delhi and Jaipur, the film stars Johnny Antony, Saiju Kurup, Harish Kanaran, Major Ravi, Mithun Ramesh, Shashankan Mayanad, Kannan Sagar, Ashwini, Saran, Jijina, Srinda and many new faces. Dr. Confident Group and Thomas Thiruvalla Films banner. The film is produced by Roy CJ and Thomas Thiruvalla.


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