Lula proposes creating a group of countries to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine

Lula proposes creating a group of countries to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine

“I told the chancellor thatJust as the G20 was created to overcome the 2008 economic crisis, we want to create a group of countries that can discuss ending a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nobody is interested in that conflict,” said the Brazilian progressive leader.

The Brazilian head of state said that he recognized the efforts made by Germany and other countries to avoid war, but that the situation had reached a point where even the two rivals are concerned that they do not see the possibility of a peace agreement.


On the other, Da Silva reaffirmed this Monday their support for an agreement between the European Union (EU) and the Mercosur together with the German chancellor, although he maintained that part of what was negotiated should be reviewed.

“Something will have to be changed,” he said Lula, alluding to the terms agreed in 2019 between the two blocs, and assured that one of those points is the government procurement sector, on which he promised to seek a proposal in Mercosur, which Brazil integrates together with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. .

The German chancellor arrived in Brazil on Monday, where he concludes the tour that began last Saturday in Argentina and included a stopover in Chile.

In Argentina, the president Alberto Fernandez he also assured the German chancellor of his decision to try to unblock the ratification process of the agreementalthough he did not go as far as Lula, in the sense of requesting a review.

Scholz, in turn, celebrated Lula’s decision to move towards the ratification of the agreement and also the firm defense of the environment promised by the Brazilian leader, who has begun to reverse policies of his predecessor, the far-right Jair Bolsonaro, who, due to their impact environment generated unrest in the EU.

According to the Brazilian president, the section on government purchases agreed in 2019 does not satisfy Brazil and should be reviewed, because for “every developing country it is important”, since “it is a way to make small and medium-sized companies grow”. .

Even so, He expressed his confidence that this review could be done during the first semester of this then negotiate an acceleration of the ratification process of the agreement.


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