‘Mammootty’s acting was like Bhishma reborn as a modern man’

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There is a dialogue between Michael Bhishma and his enemies who are running to destroy him. ‘ Then a smile spreads on Michael’s face. Laughter announcing that Satan has awakened from his sleep! The scene that marks the height of the actor Mammootty!

It has been more than 50 years since Mammootty started acting. Mammootty has laughed in hundreds of movies. Mammootty has conveyed a thousand meanings through his slow smiles.

But Michael’s laughter is only his. I have never seen such a thing in any of Mammootty’s previous films. Only an actor who constantly wipes his own siddhi can maintain this distinction. Bhishma in the Mahabharata is a magnificent character who combines class and mass. But our literature and cinema did not pay enough attention to Bhishma.

Bhishma, who fought in both the battles of Kurukshetra, is wreaking havoc on the Pandava army. Even Arjuna, who fought till the real Lord Shiva, could not stop Bhishma! He was overthrown by the Pandavas with the permission of Bhishma. Amal Neerad Mammootty wore the shirt of such a giant.

Mammootty’s acting was like being reborn as a modern man by Bhishma who read the Mahabharata! The personal influence of Bhishma could be seen in Mammootty. His body language was full of authenticity. Even those long hairs looked so beautiful!

When Michael says, “If I’m going to die, I have to think for myself.” That is the success of Mammootty.

Not a single one of the actors in the movie has made it worse. Bhishma Parvam becomes a grand theatrical experience when combined with Sushin Shyam’s killer background music.

Michael is not a character who walks around with a hundred people alone. He has highs and lows. Michael also enlists the help of others to help him win battles. Like Bhishma driving a chariot through a great battle!

Michael is almost standing on the ground. Even his supernatural moves are generally credible. This may be the reason why all sections of the audience took up Bhishma Parvat. I also liked the politics of the film. In Malayalam cinema, we have seen heroes who show heroism by smashing the teeth of a boy who loves his sister. We have also introduced heroes who carry ‘flooring’ as a decoration.

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But Bhishma Parvam raises its voice against caste fanaticism and caste killings. The movie starts with a tribute to Kevin and Neenu.

Amal Neerad’s early films had anti – feminist dialogues. But I remember Michael not uttering a single word that insulted women.

The scene where Michael’s gives mutton biryani to his ex-girlfriend is not something that is included at all. There Amal spoke on feminist politics.

Malayalam cinema is changing drastically. There are screenplays that throw reactionary thinking into the sea. Filmmakers are constantly innovating themselves. Mammootty to walk with them too!

Mammootty had given several interviews in connection with the promotion of Bhishma Parvat. Most of the scenes saw the presenters struggling to hold on to Mammootty. Mammootty is a person who walks ahead of time! That’s why he can find stories like Bhishmaparvam.

In an interview, Mammootty said that we should put Malayalam cinema at the forefront of the world. Could there be another actor who has such big dreams at the age of 71! ?

There is a description of Bhishma on Veda Vyasa’s Bhishma Parvati – ” The great saint who lies majestically on the sea and on the earth in patience. A valiant warrior who rode alone in the capital of Kashi and defeated all the kings. The brave one who even confronted Parasurama …! ”

Amal Neerad and author Devdutt Shaji wrote the modern version of it – “Dad, I’m seen a Michael you do not see, you do not know anything …!”

Mammootty’s face after that dialogue …! Bhishma Pitamahan’s majestic stand in Malayalam cinema …! The epic is not over yet. The huge crowd in the theaters will tell the rest of the story …!

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