Marina del Pilar endorses its commitment to protect our traditions | Tijuana News

Marina del Pilar endorses its commitment to protect our traditions |  Tijuana News

2023-05-19 05:18:09

Tijuana, BC- Together with the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, headed by Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, the governor of Baja California started the training at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT). Northern Region of the Original 2023 program, aimed at strengthening the daily work carried out by Mexican textile artisans.

In the company of artisans and textile artisans from the States of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda expressed that Original is a project that articulates from the collective the cultural roots of all corners of Mexico.

It is an honor for me to welcome you to Baja California, a diverse and plural border that built its invaluable identity with the effort and affection of those who, throughout the decades, came from all over to contribute the best of themselves.” , he stated.

Marina del Pilar referred to the work carried out by the country’s textile artisans, and highlighted the effort of the secretary Frausto Guerrero to build through identity better living conditions for the creators and the communities in which they live with their families; at the same time that the richness of the Mexican cultural heritage is highlighted to the entire world.

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“Thanks to this effort that Original makes in all regions of the country, we begin to value the creativity and talent that overflows in all corners of our country, challenging even such consolidated industries as fashion and design, but with the firm values of fair trade, and ethical exchange as flags”, said the head of the State Executive Power.

The state president emphasized and paid tribute to the creations of the native peoples of Baja California and pointed out The importance to prepare them in their intellectual property rights and in their ability to distribute and market their valuable products, which are in turn a source of identity and wealth.

As part of this activity, Governor Marina del Pilar and Secretary Alejandra Frausto signed an agreement to continue jointly promoting the program for the benefit of the creators of traditional art who live in all regions of the State of Baja California.

For his part, Frausto Guerrero highlighted the commitment of the governor and her administration to promote traditional art, and recalled that the president was piece fundamental at the beginning of the program at the Los Pinos Cultural Center in Mexico City.

The federal official maintained that the State of Baja California is an example of cultural diversity, since the entity is home to more than 50 indigenous languages, which places this land as an example of receiving people from all over Mexico and the world.

“We are fortunate to place culture as a tool for peace, as a tool to transform lives,” he said.

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In the event Also present were the Undersecretary for Cultural Development, Marina Núñez Bespalova; Secretary of Culture of Baja California, Alma Delia Ábrego Ceballos; the Sonoran artisan Valentina Torres Molina; All Saints Dolores Villalobos, artisan from Chihuahua; and Vianka Santana, director of CECUT.

Marina del Pilar participates in Senator Ricardo Monreal’s conference

As part of your work agenda This Thursday, the governor attended the conference of the Senator of the Republic, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, who had an approach with lawyers from Baja California to address issues of interest for the legal development of the entity.

The governor recognized the senator Monreal for his legislative experience and his contributions to strengthen the laws of the country under the social principles that currently govern the Fourth Transformation.

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